Self-Guided Tour

Can’t meet us for one of our scheduled guided tours or would you rather do a tour on your own time? Feel free to book your own Self-Guided Tour.

How does it work?

For the Self-Guided Tour, book your self-guided tour online or show up (as available), we will outfit you, give you pointers and directions so you can enjoy the day.

What will I get with the Self-Guided Tour?

  • Bicycle
  • Helmet with speakers in it so you can listen to your tour
  • A clip on MP3 Player which contains tour and direction information
  • Google map link with the route downloadable on your Apple or Android phone
  • A printed map with printed directions
  • If you desire, you can also follow the route via our Strava route. Note: you must download Strava on your phone, a free app on both Apple and Android phones.
  • U-Lock

What is the difference between the Self-Guided Tour and other tour options?

Rather than being led by a Minneapolis By Bike Tour Guide, our Self-Guided Tour is one you do on your own, at your own pace, in whatever order you wish. You may follow our recommended route or create your own and listen to tour information as you approach sites listed on your map. The Self-Guided Tour is most similar to our City Loop Tour. You get a little less detailed information with the Self-Guided Tour but directions to follow the same route are provided. The Self-Guided Tour gives you not only a route and information about the main attractions in Minneapolis, you also get to use the bike for the rest of the day, as if doing a full day rental.

**Note: The Self-Guided Tour is on city streets in bike lanes. This tour is best suited for riders comfortable with navigating a city environment using bike lanes.**

How much is it?

The Self-Guided Tour is $35.00 for a full day rental + $10.00 for the self-guided tour – ($45.00 total + fees). This includes the tour information on an MP3 player, maps and locks.

If you would like to rent a bike for a shorter or longer period of time and purchase a self-guided tour, contact us at 612-600-7518 and we can book it for you!

Interested? Book your Self-Guided Tour today!

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