Pedal Om – A Community Yoga Ride

We thought we’d do a post here to let you all in on a little, not-so-well-kept, secret – our Pedal Om Group Rides. This year, we have started an initiative of local group rides alongside Farrah Frye, yoga instructor, better known to the social media world as YogiFarrah. Insider REAL secret (she is Alyssa’s, Owner of Minneapolis By Bike, sister. Another secret: no, they are not twins.)

The Pedal Om Group rides are no-drop (as in, we all stay together, no one left behind, all cyclists of all abilities join together and have a fun, safe ride), short rides to different locations that we choose around Minneapolis, (generally outdoor spaces – because it’s summer and we live in MINNEAPOLIS!). You’ll get a little bit of history on our location as we think it’s neato to learn about places you probably regularly bike by but don’t know much about. Then we do an approximately half-hour session of cycling focused yoga – also for every yogi from beginner to guru.

Where have we been to so far? During our 30 Days of Biking launch, we paired with SooVAC art gallery and did an indoor session amongst the art. That was a pretty cool way to experience an art space. Thanks again SooVAC and 30 Days of Biking, it was an awesome time!

Biking Bike Bike Tours Bike Tour Yoga

Yesterday, we did our first ride of the summer! We “Reached New Heights” – as was the theme of our ride – and stretched our bodies at the Witch’s Hat Tower in Prospect Park! Such a great ride and yoga session!

Biking Bike Minneapolis Yoga Group Rides Bike

Minneapolis By Bike and YogiFarrah do a group bike ride with yoga session at various locations around Minneapolis.

Yoga Biking Minneapolis Group Ride Bike

Group Ride with Minneapolis By Bike and YogiFarrah

These rides will take place all season long, every other Tuesday. Next up? June 21, 2016. We meet at Minneapolis By Bike at 6 PM, roll out by 6:15 PM. Cost is $10.00. Bring your own bike, yoga mat and a water bottle. What if you don’t have a bike? No problem. Minneapolis By Bike will rent you one for a discounted fee. However, these rides are meant to bring community together. Is the cost of yoga and a bike cost prohibitive for you? Email us and we’ll make sure to get you on a bike! 25% of the proceeds from these rides will go to a local, non-profit organization – yet to be announced.

You can find out about our rides on our Facebook page and YogiFarrah’s Facebook page. We will also create individual events for the rides. We hope to see you all on our next ride!


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